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In case you didn't catch the reference to the famous 1993 "Tombstone" quote (by Doc Holliday, played by Val Kilmer)...


"I'm your huckleberry" has come to mean, essentially, "I'm your man/gal/person".
So: I'm the person for the job. I've got your back!

Let me help you!


From general consultation to full-fledged artist management or a la carte tasks in between,
I've got you covered!


Image by John Schnobrich

Website Design

Be more professional.
Social media is like renting without a lease.

We'll supplement that. 

Let's get you set up with your own 1-stop internet home base for your fans and clients.

party fans raised their hands_edited.jpg


Marketing is more than posting posters of your shows. 

Let's create systems to better engage with your current fans while making new ones, and turn those likes and follows into a community of superfans.

Neon Sign_edited.jpg

Artist Management

You've got goals? I've got goals.

I want to help share your art with as many people as possible.

Let's brainstorm on many ways we can market you, hit your milestones, and create various income streams.

You may grunt if you had to do it all, but it's all in my wheelhouse. Examples:

  • Music video production

  • Fan community development

  • Graphics for various media channels, album artwork, etc.

  • Data entry for digital distribution / publishing / PROs

scrabble, scrabble pieces, lettering, le

Grunt Work A La Carte

white wall paint with black shadow_edited.jpg


Present & Past


I love collaborating with independent artists and small business owners,
helping you flesh out your ideas, find your people, and share what you have to offer with the world.

Originally from San Francisco/Oakland, California-- now based in Denver, Colorado.

I specialize in working with independent artists who play in the Americana / Roots / Oldtimey / Nostalgia arts spaces-- folks who have "vintage style, not vintage values"-- to help bring up your game plan into the modern age of digital media, marketing, and business strategies. 

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How can I help you? 


Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you very soon!

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