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I love connecting people with the things they love.

I love collaborating with independent artists and small business owners, helping you flesh out your ideas, find your people, and share what you have to offer with the world.

Originally from San Francisco/Oakland, California. Now based in Denver, Colorado.


I believe in the long tail. The niches. Meaning, one does not have to have mainstream mass appeal in order to be successful. You define your success. In our ever more connected world, we are able to find more and more of “our people”, who share the same quirky interests and digging what you’re into with the same passion you put into your work. I’m personally very interested in learning how to navigate the subcultures you may identify with and connecting with them in a very real, genuine manner.


I’m about you, dear collaborator. If we mesh well, your goals are my goals. I get obsessed and excited with many ideas on how we can move the needle for you– developing strategies and experimenting with tactics to see what works. We’ll continue to nudge forward towards bigger milestones–some of which may be outside your comfort zone, but I’ve got you!

We’re investing in each other.


I take a no-nonsense approach to my work. If we mesh well, know that I am not in the business of blowing smoke up your a** for mere shallow compliments– I don’t have much of a poker face.

I am far more interested in working with you on figuring out how to get you to the “there” you want to be, and it is my job to gently nudge you in directions you may not have have previously considered.


We don’t need to reinvent the wheel with every project. We live in a time where we have an abundance of proven tools, templates, and techniques available to us– and we can pick and choose and customize them for your needs.

We don’t need to become farmers to make the omelette of your dreams.

Would you have had the time to DIY? A big part of my job is alleviating that time and effort it would take you to conceive, execute, and tweak strategies and tactics as we go along.


I have worked in the nightlife/entertainment industry for nearly 20 years– as a show producer, dance teacher (running my own award-winning school), and performer. During the COVID shutdown periods, I’ve also added livestream producer, and upgraded video editing and cinematography skills into my repertoire. I sometimes joke and say that I made up my job, running my company from a side hustle to a full-time, bread-and-butter business in 2008.

My “past life” in the corporate arena involved work in administrative, operations, event planning, and training (employees and new clients).

Common threads in all of my professional, volunteer, and “hobby” works include finding and taking advantage of opportunities, managing projects, teaching, and creative problem solving.

Having worn several hats, I’ve worked with a wide variety of peoples– employees, students, C-level executives, office colleagues, artistic collaborators, and the general public.


* Think Of Our Collaboration As A Revenue Generating Opportunity

“You, as a boss, need to be operating from a spirit of abundance… It is critical that you think of every single hire as a revenue generating opportunity.”

“Hire for your blind spots, not your culture fit.”

-Elaine Welteroth

As someone who operates outside your business, I can act as a bridge between your product and your audience and find connection points to engage them.

Think of me as a cheerleader for both sides!


How can I help you? 

Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you very soon!

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