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From general consultation to full-fledged artist management or a la carte tasks in between, I've got you covered!

See details for each service below.


Image by John Schnobrich

Website Design

Show that you're a professional.

Social media is like renting without a lease. We'll supplement that with a website that you own. 

​Let's get you set up with your own 1-stop internet home base for your fans and potential clients so they can find out everything you want them to know about you. 

​What do you sound and look like? Where are you playing next? How do they book you? Can they buy a t-shirt or signed album? How else can they support you? 

I can create a simple, easy to navigate (for them) and easy to update (for you) website so you can plant your flag on the WWW to let them all know you're here!


  • Wix (member of the Wix Partner Program)

  • Squarespace

  • Wordpress

  • Bandzoogle

  • Bandcamp

  • Inquire for other platforms

Image by Anthony DELANOIX


Marketing is more than posting posters of your shows. It’s creating a cohesive brand image from your logo design, your website, merchandise to what you wear on stage to how you engage with your audience.


Think about this: If you had 1,000 fans that bought $100 worth of your music, shows, merch, and other offerings every year, you could make a $100,000 salary!


But first: Do you know who your people are? Do they know how to follow you? Where and when your shows are? How else they can support or hire you? There are several DIY approaches to learning more about your audience so you can better connect with them.


Let's create systems to better connect with your current fans while making new ones, and turn those likes and follows into a community of superfans.



  • Market research

  • Mailing lists (emails and/or phone numbers) & regular announcements

  • Social media management

  • Merchandising

  • Community development

  • And more!


Artist Management

You've got goals? I've got goals.


I want to help share your art with as many people as possible.


Let's brainstorm on many ways we can market you, hit your milestones, and create various income streams for a livable wage. 


From creating branding and marketing strategies to exploring various income streams, booking tours, making sure you get your royalties, collaborating on creative projects, researching opportunities and partnerships, helping you engage with your superfans, and more… 


Let's do this!



  • Schedule management / bookings / tour management

  • Market research

  • Opportunities research & analysis

  • Event production (record release concerts, special events, etc.)

  • Music video production, filming and editing

  • Record release campaign coordination

  • Digital distribution & royalties management

  • Performance coaching

  • And more!



You may grunt if you had to do it all, but it’s all in my wheelhouse and precisely what I can help you with!

  • Filming / editing show footage for your promo reels and other projects

  • Livestream production

  • Music video production

  • Special / live event production

  • Branding image / logo creation

  • Graphics for various media channels, album artwork, etc.

  • Single / album release campaign coordination

  • Data entry for digital distribution / publishing / PROs

  • Merch creation / sales / inventory

  • Online course creation

  • Scheduled social media posts, newsletters

  • Schedule management

  • Fan community development

  • ... and more!

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